I wrote a post a few months ago called Revealed: An Inside Look At How I Eat  and received a ton of comments and emails about it, with so many woman saying it helped them to see what “normal” eating looks like.

I wrote it because I wanted to give a deeper perspective of what a typical day looks like. Because when I was in the throes of dieting/restricting and then overeating/binging, I didn’t have a CLUE as to what it meant to eat normally.

So I wanted to do a similar post and go in depth about the body-image side of this journey. I wanted to give a deeper look into healing something that is so ingrained in so many women’s psyche: this deep, often desperate desire, to have a thinner/more perfect body.

body struggles

And let me be completely real for a second: doing this post wasn't easy. Because it lets you in on something I hid for so long from others. But that’s why I began my business in the first place; to use my experience, struggle, and healing to help others in that same spot (and to be raw, real and vulnerable about my own progress and journey!)

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