It's the million dollar question: can you lose weight without counting calories, restricting certain foods, and slaving away at the gym 24/7?

Our society tells us we can’t lose weight unless we push ourselves to the max, sweat it out at the gym at least 45 minutes a day and restrict calories, cut out carbs and/or limit certain foods.

But constantly being on a rigid food plan, forcing yourself to get up at 5 am to spend an hour at the gym, and eating low-cal/low-fat/light foods sounds awful, not at all fun, and recipe for a serious binge...

So what's the alternative?

can you lose weight without dieting

Can you not diet and still lose weight? 

Yes. comes with a big BUT. You can't stop dieting and secretly still be restricting in hopes that you lose weight.

Weight loss can't be your first priority. Health/nourishment/satisfaction/peace around food MUST be more important than weight loss. Otherwise, when we don't see instant "results", you get sucked back into the lure of dieting and are off "starting something" on Monday.

I will never tout myself as a weight loss coach. Because there are SO many factors that come into play when you're losing weight. (Hormones, stress levels, body imbalances, food allergies, metabolism, digestive health, etc).

I know the pain of living in a body you despise and living in a 24/7 obsession with food. So THAT is my priority. To help you get to the place where every day, you feel more ease around eating and feel more comfortable in your body. 

But I'm answering this question about weight loss because I think it's important to address. Society tells us we can't lose weight without dieting.

I 100% disagree.

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