Every single woman I work with is afraid to accept her body. (And I was terrified to accept my body for a long, long, long time). We have this belief that if we accept our bodies, it means that we’ll never lose weight and we’re giving up on ourselves.

It took me years to stop despising my body, so I want to save you endless months of grief and turmoil by dispelling this belief.

but if I accept my body, it means I'm giving up

Accepting your body doesn’t mean you’re giving up. Giving up on what? Criticizing yourself until you feel like such a worthless piece of crap that you fall asleep in tears? Living in so much hatred that you can’t even go out of your house without hiding every part of yourself from the world? This is truly no way to live. When we don’t accept our bodies, we live in this prison of self-hate.

Criticizing yourself never makes you happier (or thinner). It never brings the lasting change that we desperately desire.

How has not accepting your body worked for you?

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