I used to know everything about nutrition. I knew the calories in 95 percent of the items at the grocery store, which foods had the most omega-3s, what a plant-based diet did for the body, how food combining helped digestion improve, and which foods had the lowest fat content and fewest calories.

I spent two years in a graduate program, studying nutrition and spending most of my spare time absorbing as much information as I could about plant-based health, nutrition content, minerals/vitamins, food-related diseases, and a healthy diet.

At the same time, I was also knee-deep in battling disordered eating.


I knew I "should" be implementing everything I was learning because I saw the direct impact food has on health.

I was "supposed to" eat more plant-based foods, consume tons of vegetables, cut back on animal protein, and include fresh, whole foods in my meals.

But the reality was that I still craved candy from my co-worker's candy dish, desired something salty every afternoon, and wanted chocolate after dinner. I would try to eat "perfectly" during the day, but by nighttime, I was spooning ice cream into my mouth by the pint.

I went to war on my body and the way I ate. I thought if I could just learn more about nutrition, my cravings would fall by the wayside, my yo-yo dieting would normalize, and I would find the freedom around food that I desperately craved.

It was a frantic battle that got worse the more nutritional information I got.

I beat myself up for not adhering to what I knew to be true and spent months thinking my solution was to bury myself deeper in nutrition books.

It took me years to realize this didn't work. My weight fluctuated dramatically during this time, as I would commit to "clean eating" for a month, lose the weight, then binge for weeks afterward.

It wasn't until I decided to forgo all of the nutritional information I had acquired (intellect and knowledge ruled my food decisions) and throw out what I knew that things began to shift.

While I knew intellectually that filling most of my plate with veggies was healthy, I didn't want my food decisions to be so mind-dominated anymore.

I decided to let my BODY dictate more of my decisions instead of my intellect.

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