When it comes to feeling confident in our eating, we all know that special events and holidays can be super challenging! Since Easter is this week, I wanted to do a special post on "How To Not Binge On Easter Candy".

You can use this as a reminder for any holiday, but I know for me, Easter was always really really tough. I had some of my worst binges on or after Easter, so I hope this helps you stay sane and eat "normally" on whatever holiday you're celebrating!

how to not binge on easter candy

(And remember, "normal" eaters DO occasionally eat too much or have too many sweets. It's all about self-forgiveness and moving forward 🙂 )

  1. Replace “Don’t Eat That!” With “How Can I Eat Balanced?"

What happens if I told you NOT to think of a pink elephant? You immediately think about a pink elephant 🙂 The more I tell you not to think of it, the more you can't help but have the image come to mind!

And so it is with food.

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