When you're obsessed with controlling your food intake, body size, and the number on the scale, the concept of “eating what you want” sounds foreign, frightening, and downright impossible.  Our biggest fear comes to light: "If I eat what I want, will I gain weight?!".

Left to our own devices, we're convinced that we will inevitably gain 10, 40, 100 pounds.

if i eat what I want, will I gain weight

 Our thoughts go something like this:

If I eat what I want, my clothes will no longer fit.

I can't allow myself a dessert today, or I’ll lose control of my diet.

If I don’t carefully monitor my food intake at every meal, I’ll gain weight.

I'm afraid if I let myself eat what I want, I'll lose control and gain 100 pounds.

We think we must control our bodies, or the pounds will pile on. Often times, we translate “eating what we want” to mean “eating everything in sight”.

Because we have put ourselves on a strict food plan, a crazy exercise regime, or obsessively cycled between binging and restricting, we want those things that we’ve deemed forbidden.

We’ve banished cookies from our diets, so we gaze longingly at the bags of Chips Ahoy in the supermarket. Bread, pasta, and carbs are strictly limited in our daily menu, so we wrestle with ourselves when we want to order spaghetti while out to dinner. We’ve mandated that we eat oatmeal and yogurt for breakfast, and struggle when we wake up on Sunday and want chocolate chip pancakes.

What if you DID allow yourself to have pancakes?

Or let yourself eat a few pieces of cake and enjoyed every bite?

Even (*gasp!) ordered fettuccine alfredo at dinner with a side of garlic bread?

Or let yourself have a brownie as your lunch? 

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