Are you plagued by the “I hate seeing pictures of myself” syndrome?? Today, I'm diving into how to stop criticizing yourself in photos.

Do you look at every single picture you take and scrutinize your flaws, analyze your imperfections, criticize your faults, then sigh, and think that you're just disgusting and there’s no hope for you?

Well, my dear, I have a new way for you to approach looking at photos of yourself.

stop criticizing yourself in photos

I used to agonize over every single pic of myself. I’d notice my hair that was flipped out in a weird way, my nose that seemed crooked, my one tooth that was sticking out, my skin which looked awful, my stomach that looked fat at that angle…and on and on it went.

It's crazy that I can look at any picture over the years and immediately place it on the “where I was in my all-over-the-place relationship with food/body” spectrum…

“That’s the picture when I was on my ‘I don’t eat processed anything’ diet, lost my period, and was rail thin”

“Yep,  that’s when I was binging every night and didn't know how to stop"

"Oh that's the photo where I gained like 30 pounds and looked bloated and fat"

You know what’s funny?

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