What's the biggest source of anxiety and angst on this path? Feeling obsessed with food. Feeling like every moment of every day is spent planning, counting, scheming, and dreaming of what you can/can't eat next.

One of the main reasons I realized I had a problem with food was the moment I thought to myself: I can't stop thinking about food all damn day. It literally consumes my life. 

It surely can't be "normal" to be eating pancakes for breakfast (on a day I wasn't dieting), while planning what I could eat for lunch.

And then during my lunch break, getting giddy at the thought of the brownies I could sneak from the break room (because this was an "I can have whatever I want" day).

While driving home from work, I'd be scheming about how I could eat a bowl of ice cream later on that night...

It felt like I spent all of my waking hours thinking about food.

can't stop thinking about food

I remember the first thing I told my therapist the day I walked into her office:

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