I spent probably 20 years of my life wishing I was thinner. But no matter how much weight I lost or gained, I still never thought my body looked “right”. I always wanted to change it or "fix" it, so that I would look different than how I was.

So much of my mental energy and thoughts  over the years have been consumed with thinking about my body and wanting to be thinner.

how to stop wishing you were thinner

It's like we fantasize about when we will be thinner. It becomes the promise of a new life...

When I'm thinner, I'll start dating.

When I lose weight, I'll stop avoiding social outings and go out with friends more.

When I get back to where I was last year, I'll rock this new dress I bought. 

When I'm a different size, I'll sign up for that dance class I've always wanted to take. 

But when/if we do lose the weight and actually get to the size we want to be...then what?

It may bring a moment of elation: we fit into that dress, we look great in a pair of jeans, or we don't mind being naked as much.

But then...?

We still have to deal with life. We still want to stress eat when we get angry at our partner. The tub of ice cream is still our go-to coping mechanism. And we still hear the call of the cookies when conflict arises and we don't want to deal with it. 

We lose the weight, but we are still us. With the same habits, behaviors and reactions.

This desperate "wishing to be thinner" only derails the journey; the real work is about going inside and looking at WHY we do what we do with food. (But that's for another blog post!)

So when you find yourself desperately wishing you were thinner, remember these two things:

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