About My Background and How It Relates to You
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Hi! My name is Jenn Hand and what I know deep in every bone of my body is this: the constant struggle battling your weight, your body, and your eating is a reflection of your soul desperately trying to get your attention.

It’s whispering to you to give up the fight.

Because freedom from this endless, exhausting battle is your natural state… a state where you feel at ease in your skin, sane around food, and comfortable at your natural weight. Yes, all of that IS possible 🙂

For nearly half my life, I obsessed daily over every single morsel I put into my mouth, constantly hid myself and my body because I was ashamed I wasn’t thin enough, and spent endless nights sobbing into my pillow, wondering why can’t I just stop binging? 

I often think…

If I spent all of those countless minutes, hours, days and years obsessing over what I ate and how “fat” I looked and did something productive instead, I swear there would be a cure for cancer right now! Those millions of hours could have been spent doing something to change the world….

And now I AM changing the world. One woman at a time. One body, one meal, one negative thought at a time.

I work 1:1 with woman, coaching them to go deep inside themselves and emerge with a sense of freedom. 

I also offer my flagship program, the Normal Eaters Club where I help women deal with with the biggest themes running through food and eating struggles. This program is a game changer and is designed to shift your world on how you view your relationship to food and eating.

I know it seems daunting.

I know you may think well maybe this is just something I’ll have to deal with for the rest of my life.

The good news is that this isn’t true!

It is possible to stop worrying and planning what you eat every single day. You can feel comfortable in your skin, eat without guilt, and leave those obsessive negative thoughts behind.

If you are ready to change your life, sign up for my VIP list.   I’d love to get to know you!

Professional Bio

I have a diverse and unique background. I pursued my undergraduate degree from the Pennsylvania State University in Advertising and Public Relations (thinking an ad agency would be all creative brainstorming sessions and idea marathons-wrong!). Following graduation, I knew I didn’t want to work at an agency, and I needed space and time to figure out “what I wanted to do with my life”.

So, I spent a year in Thailand teaching English and running language camps for Thai children. I still didn’t know “my life calling”, but upon my return to the US, I DID know that I wanted to help people.

My aspirations to better the community propelled me into the nonprofit world, where I worked as the Volunteer Program Director at a residential facility for handicapped children and adults outside of Philadelphia.

After four years of working with volunteers, I took my services abroad and became a project lead with the Red Cross in Quito. I served as a nutrition advocate and after school tutor in various regions of Ecuador. While traveling through South America, I decided to pursue a graduate education in holistic nutrition.  I attended Clayton College of Natural Health and studied nutrition, integrated weight management, stress and health related diseases, general physiology, biochemical individuality, and other holistic health related topics.

I’m a speaker, writer, author, world traveler, adventure connoisseur, holistic health advocate, creator of the Normal Eaters Club and founder of www.jennhand.com,  a full-service boutique that offers coaching and an online program that enables women to transform their relationship with food, fall in love with their bodies, and well, become one of those “normal eaters”!