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Jenn Hand

I help women find freedom from compulsive overeating, food addiction, and body-image issues.

Those Darn “Shoulds”

The incessant “shoulds”…the things we think we “should” be doing with our lives. I was looking back through my journal I kept while living in Ecuador, and came across the following entry: I am 27, what “should” I be doing? I should be married, I should be in a serious relationship.  I should own a home, I should be in a steady career, I should be saving for my future, I should be living near my family, I should have a job, I should not be volunteering, I should not be traveling the world, I should not be living in
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Eating to Live, Not Living to Eat

Oh, the countless times I’ve come to meals anxious, upset, and overwhelmed.  It didn’t have to be a holiday or a special occasion; even the most basic meal used to give me anxiety.  I would be completely and totally in my head, attempting to follow all the “food rules” I had established for myself.  My mind would say “since I ate a big lunch, I shouldn’t eat a lot for dinner.”  My body would counteract and retort, “But I AM hungry and I want to eat!”  And thus ensued the battle between my mind and body. Guilt, frustration, and anxiety
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