Want To Feel Amazing In Your Bathing Suit? Remember These 3 Things!
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Want To Feel Amazing In Your Bathing Suit? Remember These 3 Things!

It’s officially summer here in the States and we all know what that means….tank tops, shorts, bathing suits (or swimming costumes for the Brits!), and revealing clothes that make us want to run away screaming.

So when you’re feeling like all you want to do is wrap a big sweatshirt around yourself to cover up, is it possible to feel amazing in your bathing suit?

Today’s blog shows you how to take some small action steps to begin to feel GOOD in your bathing suit!

I absolutely love all things beach: the sound of the waves hitting the shore, the feel of sand on my toes, the laughter of kids endlessly entertained by building sand castles and the sense of relaxation I would get from staring into the ocean.

But for so many years of my life, I DIDN’T enjoy any of these things about the beach. The only thing I would be thinking when I went to the beach (I grew up about 45 minutes from many of the New Jersey beaches, so lots of summers were spent there!) was hateful, shameful thoughts about myself in a bathing suit.

I would be consumed with trying to hide myself (but subtly so no one really knew I was hiding).  I’d keep my cover up on or pretend I was cold and needed to stay wrapped in a towel.

I would gaze in envy of the women who looked incredible in their suits, desperately thinking if I JUST had their body, I, too, would be happy.

And now I think back to those years and tell myself all the things I’m talking about in today’s video 🙂

Remember that you deserve to feel awesome NOW, not 10, 20, or 100 pounds from now. You deserve to plop yourself down on your towel, take off your cover up and walk your way down to the water (without thinking about fat you are every step of the way)

Is it really possible to feel this way?! I’m shouting a resounding YES and it starts with today’s video 🙂

Check it out and lemme know what you think!

Tell me: which one of these tips can YOU put into action the next time you’re at the pool? Share in the comments below 😉 

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