Where Can You Give Yourself More Permission?
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Where Can You Give Yourself More Permission?

When we’re kids, we have to ask for permission for everything. So, naturally, we learn to follow the rules, walk the straight edge and play it safe.

As adults, we carry that same sense of needing permission before we do something, and often it keeps us feeling stuck and incredibly frustrated.

So I wanted to create an “I Give Myself Permission To…” manifesto. Something you can reread to rekindle that spark of “yes, I AM allowed to do this, eat that, say no, be myself, etc!”

If you need a nudge in that direction and aren’t able to give the permission to yourself; you have my full and complete permission!

give yourself more permission

I Give You The Permission To….

…wear what you want, no matter what size you are (that includes bold colors, jeans that hug your curves and the trends that only “thin” people are supposed to wear!)

…eat what you want regardless of whether or not you have weight to lose (not restricting is key to letting go of dieting!)

…NOT beat yourself up over a binge. Binges are ALWAYS lessons in disguise 🙂

…eat in front of other people, without feeling guilty about what or how much you eat

…speak your truth to someone who makes an inappropriate comment about what you’re eating or your weight

…not talk about diets with girlfriends or coworkers if you don’t want to

…NOT eat dessert just because everyone else is (or eat dessert when everyone else isn’t!)

…get rid of people that are negative, toxic or damaging to your self-worth

…say no to something you really don’t want to do (and realize that the world actually doesn’t fall apart!)

…show ALL your emotions; the good, the bad, and the ugly (even if you feel like they’re too intense or you’re “too emotional”)

…make YOU the priority in your life (being “selfish” actually gives you the best chance to show your best self to others 🙂 )

…allow your body to be whatever shape it is, without apologizing and without hiding who you are

…be a beginner; to be uncomfortable on this journey, to not know how it’ll turn out

forgive yourself for any “mistake” you’ve made along the way. It is in the forgiveness where we realize that love changes everything

…eat dinner for breakfast or breakfast for dinner (or dessert for either!)

…ask for help if you need it. Asking for and receiving support can completely change your life 🙂

…feel confused, question this journey, and doubt yourself along the way

…stay true to that glimmer of hope that there is another way to live without obsessing over food

…be unapologetically YOU

Your Turn…

Where can YOU give yourself permission in your life? Whether it’s around food, in the way you view your body, or some other area…I’d love to hear 🙂 Share in the comments below. 

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