What My Clients Are Saying
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I haven't been this happy in my life!

Jenn is seriously a light worker! I haven't been this happy in my life, and I have never had so much clarity and joy. I am in a really good space. Listening to what my body needs is a game changer. I am so happy I chose to work with Jenn because she helped me break free from my destructive patterns. I am also so grateful she took me on as a client. Our time together has changed my life forever. On a side note, I've lost 2lbs in the month I started working with Jenn - and I have had wine, pizza, chocolate and cheese. This just solidifies the fact that when we eat balanced a little extra something one night won't kill us. I'm loving her method and loving my life.

Orsi, Caymen Islands

She helped me TRUST my body

Pregnancy was a tough time for me.  The lack of control I felt around my changing body was a super scary feeling, and the eating and body image issues that plagued my teens and early twenties began to resurface. Jenn helped me to release some of these old thought patterns, embrace more self-compassion and TRUST my body.  As both a health professional and former client, I can’t recommend Jenn’s services enough!

Erin Holt, Holistic Nutritionist, ErinHoltHealth.com

Her work is truly transformational!

Jenn is an extraordinary individual with a passion for helping others through her gifts, personal experience, coaching and powerful writing. She has tremendous knowledge in health and wellness, overcoming eating disorders, and living your best life. If you have the opportunity to work with Jenn, or attend one of her workshops or classes, do it. Her work is truly transformational!

Stephenie, Colorado

One of the best holistic teachers I've ever met.

Jenn creates a welcoming, safe environment that is low key, yet focused. Her attention to individual and group needs is exceptional. I appreciate Jenn's skills, preparation, and pace as she guides us through our journey.  She is passionate about helping others and supporting others to be healthy and happy.  Jenn truly creates a holistic, healing opportunity for each individual and is one of the best holistic teachers I've ever met.

Anne, Colorado

I feel more inspired now than ever.

One huge new thing for me was to journal when I want to binge. I know journaling is good but I've not done it nor did I know I could actually stop myself in the middle of my binge or when I am about to binge and ask a question of why I am doing it.

Also, figuring out if food is REALLY a joy for me is a big one!! I think that paying attention to my hunger, journaling and defining what joy is for me resonated with me the most.

It was great to finally share my "secret" with somebody and Jenn was SO supportive!!  Again, I very much appreciate her help!! 🙂 I feel more inspired now than ever.

Olga, California

I focus on what I CAN eat, rather than be afraid of food.

My biggest takeaway from working with Jenn is being able to focus on what I CAN eat, rather than be afraid of food. I’d definitely recommend her services to others. She isn't judgmental, she gives thoughtful responses that are not just rehearsed, since she actually reads what I took the time to write and send back. She gives positive thoughts, suggestions and support. I’ve even started trusting my body to respond to a healthier diet!

Anne, Boulder

I felt like she understood me

This was the first time I've "opened up" completely about my food issues and I always felt in good hands and comfortable sharing my feelings, experiences, and emotions. I felt like Jenn understood me and my struggles, and our relationship built over time-it wasn't just a once a week, impersonal touch base. My biggest takeaway is approaching eating and life from a perspective of satisfying myself-physically, emotionally, and spiritually. My awareness and continuous forgiveness of these patterns of overeating is opening me up to receive more love in my life.

Laura, Georgia