Think You Just Need More Willpower To "Fix" Your Food Issues?
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Think You Just Need More Willpower To “Fix” Your Food Issues?

Do you think you just need more willpower to stop giving in to temptation?

I used to think if I just had more willpower, more self-control and a little bit more discipline, I would finally have it altogether around food.

I mean, almost every diet out there tells you “not to give in!” “resist the cupcake, it’s not worth it!” and “you can do it, don’t succumb to temptation!”

But the reality is, how many times can we resist the 2nd piece of cake, the basket of bread at the restaurant and the homemade baked cookies in the break room JUST based on willpower alone?

One time? Maybe 3 or 4?

And then we give in, eat the cookie and convince ourselves that we just need more willpower…

So, if we aren’t relying on willpower, then how do we resist the homemade cookies?

That’s what today’s video is all about 🙂

Comment below and tell me…which one of the 3 areas can you pay more attention to this week to let go of relying solely on willpower? 

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  • This week, I’m going to focus on enjoying my food rather than eating mindlessly. Also, I wanted to add that I recently realized that I often would think that if I didn’t eat as many cookies that evening, that my family would finish them, leaving none for me the next day. I always had that “feeling” of needing to get as many as I could, but never realized exactly what was going on until I watched some of your videos. So now, I remind myself that I could always just put back what I want in a bag w/ my name etc and that (a) most likely no one will touch it (b) If they do, it’s not that big of a deal, I could always make/or buy more later on. In all honesty, I have been having to remind myself often because so many times I can tell that I will go into that “feast or famine” mode.

  • Hi I ´been eating a lot of sweets because I wasn´t ALLOWING myself to have that in order to be skinny. Is so good to have no restrictions in the sense that like you said in the video food looses its power.
    I am having trouble with the balance thing. Eating ofter. Today I had for breakfast yogurt with raisins shaved almonds and linaza plus frozen pineapple (which was too sweet). I sat enjoying (focused) the food. It felt nice. I was relaxed and more calmed. I meditated for some minutes before breakfast.
    Yesterday I was really sad and crying, I woke up tired but decided to have a new day with another vibe so I put make up on, did my hair, dress nicely and organize my things.

    Ah, because I was eating A LOT my belly is bigger and I feel bad about that. I been feeling full most of the time. I was eating like I will never have the sweets anymore.
    I saw the therapist and he told me…noooooo you don´t have to diet. Just have smaller portions.

  • This is such a great video, thank you! I am not on a diet, i am just trying to eat normally, which for me is three normal sized meals and three small snacks. But for me, even limiting myself to eating 6 times a day has been taking ‘willpower’ and ive been struggling. I tend to graze out of peckishness and boredom.
    Its really great to know its not about willpower! I will practise these tips and hopefully things will be less of a struggle.
    Thanks. ☺

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