I've had people tell me I needed to put up a before and after photo on my site. Because, well...the whole "look at me before and now see me after" transformation sells!

The idea is that people would see my before/after pics and are supposed to think "wow, what a transformation, I'm gonna hire her to get me to that place".

But the whole thing somehow seems wrong to me.

Because I don't quite buy the whole before and after transformation...

It's one of those times where you only see a snapshot of the me that went through this journey.

You get a glimpse in time of what my life is/was like. And it doesn't truly tell the whole story.

Because the whole story isn't just a "before" and an "after".

And that's the myth I want to dispel right now.

I have my days where I look at my body in the mirror and criticize my body. I have moments where I compare myself to everyone and their mom on social media. And I have times where I eat too many cookies just like everyone else.

I want to dispel the myth that life is somehow magical once you reach the "after".  

Yes, I'm happy with myself and proud of how much I've healed. I am comfortable in my skin, I can go to a party and not have cake because I just don't feel like it, and I can wear a bathing suit in front of people and not want to hide under a towel.

And that story can't ever be told through my "after" photos...

Here's what I mean:

You'll notice that my "before" pics are from all different years (From left to right, 2010, 2001, 1999)


And then my "after" pics are also spread out over a number of years. (2006, 2009, 2008, respectively)

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