You know those timelines we have in our heads about when something "should" happen? (The timeline of when we should lose weight is SO prevalent from our years spent in the diet world!)


"I've been on this path for 1 year and I should have lost weight by now."

"I'm 42. I should be married with kids by now."

"I should be 'farther along' in my career/weight/food healing."

Fill in the blank with whatever the "thing" is, but we all have certain timelines in our minds about when things should happen.

(I'm SO guilty of this right now in my life!)

Which is why I was inspired to talk about this subject. Because having these timelines can really keep us stuck.

I know it's been keeping me stuck in my business (and kept me stuck for a very long time around my weight).

When we begin this path to learn how to eat normally, we think it "should" take 6 weeks, 5 months, or a year. 

But when we get "there" and realize that our goal has eluded us, we panic.

So do you have a timeline of when you should lose weight (or something else in your mind about when "it should" happen?

Tune into today's episode!

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