One of the reasons why diet and weight loss attempts fail is that they don't address our underlying issues around food.

We may be able to cut out carbs for a while, eat less sugar, follow a rigid food & exercise plan, or give Weight Watchers a whirl, but here's what usually happens when we get to the end of the program:

We think, "well, now what?!"

Because we still haven't learned how to cope with overwhelm, deal with stress, work through a hard emotional situation, or cope with the million daily stressors of life. 

That's why learning the art of coping with life without food can be a crucial step on this path!

Emotions are our KEY to unlocking our freedom.

When we can learn to deal with emotions without turning to food, we are well on our way to feeling that freedom we've wanted from dieting & binging.

And that's why I created the "Break Free from Emotional Eating" challenge. (Sign up for free before we start on February 4th!)

In the meantime, take this Emotional Eating Quiz below to gain more awareness around where you currently are.

Remember, it's just for YOUR own awareness. It's not to be critical of yourself.

Our awareness of our habits and patterns is the first step to change, so this will give you a great idea of where you are before we start the challenge!

To see where you "rank" on the emotional eating scale, give yourself one point for each answer that is “true” or a “yes” and tally your results. 

( this WITH kindness and WITHOUT judgement!)

  1. When something stresses you out in your day (a boss, a child, your coworker, your mom, etc), your go-to response is to grab a cookie, some chips (aka crisps for the Brits!), a soda (pop), or a piece of candy.

2. You go to a party but aren’t hungry when you arrive. You feel a little bit anxious about making small talk with people. Do you immediately go to the food table to eat or drink so you have something to “do”?

3. It’s 8 pm at night. You’re feeling bored & restless, like you don’t know what to do with yourself. You meander into the kitchen, open the fridge & pantry in an attempt to find a snack to eat.

4. When you feel uncomfortable in an outfit, you often find yourself grazing or turning to food to help you feel more comfortable.

5. Does your "me" time typically involve food?

6. When you think of how you cope with hard situations & emotions, you can't think of anything you regularly do that doesn't involve food. (Regularly means at least once a week!)

7. Do you think about food more than 50% of your day? (In an obsessive way, not in a “here’s what I’m going to make for dinner” way!)

8. When there is a celebration in your life (or your family's lives), do your festivities always involve food as a means of celebration?

9. You have a hard time remembering the last time you did absolutely "nothing". ( phone or TV!)

10. Having a rough day significantly impacts your food choices (i.e. when stressed or overwhelmed, you tend to eat more snacks, eat erratically, binge, mindlessly graze, etc)

11. You can easily eat when you're not hungry, just because food is there.

12. Think to a time when someone has made a critical comment to you about your weight or a hurtful comment about something in your life. Do you usually eat to make yourself feel better?

13. You don't often take much time for yourself on a regular basis (any kind of self-care activity!)

14. When you need to "reward" yourself, it usually involves a sweet of some kind.

15. Think of the last big stressful event or situation that caused you distress & anxiety. Did you eat over it? (Remember, NO judgement!)

16. When you have a difficult emotion to express, you often find avoid having the conversation or find it extremely difficult to talk about it.


(Tally up every “yes” or “true” answer to each question as one point)

0-5 points: Wow! Maybe you should come co-coach with me 🙂 You’re a rockstar in this whole “coping with emotions” thing!

6-10 points: Give yourself some credit…you are doing well! We all use food in some sense to deal with emotions and some practice may help you get even better at it 🙂

11-16 points: Don’t despair! Awareness is key to making any change and the step where we all begin. We learned how to “use” food to assuage our emotions and the good news is that we can unlearn it too!

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